English as a Second Language Department of Palm Beach Language Institute offers over 30 different ESL courses which permit us to meet your individual English learning needs, expectations and budgets. You can choose private instruction, a combination of private and group instruction, or mini-group ESL courses.

ESL courses are offered at all levels for adult learners, teens, college students and business executives and professionals. At Palm Beach Language Institute, you will learn English effectively from all aspects of language learning needed for English fluency: speaking, reading, writing, listening, grammar, and pronunciation.

English Language classes are offered at 5 levels:




Upper Intermediate


You will be always placed with students of your level and will study in a setting that is comfortable for adult learners. Students should take a placement test before the beginning of their classes.

Our groups are small with a maximum of 10 students in General English and 4 students in Executive Business English classes.

Starting dates: any dayAmerican English Pronunciation & Accent Reduction course is offered as a private courses with a minimum of 10 one-to-one lessons. 1 lesson = 60 minutes. 1 study session = 2 lessonsClasses are offered in the afternoons, evenings and on Saturdays. We also offe online video classes. Schedule of classes is flexible, subject to teacher’s availability.
10 one-to-one lessons$350.00
20 one-to-one lessons$750.00
Online program: 20 one-to-one lessons$750.00
Additional lessons$35.00 per lesson
Test Preparation Courses: TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS
1. Intensive TOEFL Preparation Course
20 lessons a week of classroom instruction (80 lessons total). Monday through Friday, 1.00 PM – 4.15 PM. In addition, you will have 12 academic hours of optional self-study at the Computer Lab from 6.00 PM to 8:15 PM Monday through Thursday at no additional charge.Course Duration and Starting dates:
4 weeks. You can start the course the first Monday of every month.Tuition Fee: $1,480.00. Materials are not included.Number of students in the class: Maximum 6, minimum 3 students. If there are only two students in the class, the number of lessons is reduced to 15 semi-private two-to-one lessons a week (60 lessons total, classes meet 5 times a week Monday through Friday from 1:00 pm to 3:15 pm (3 lessons a day). If there is only one student in the class, the number of lessons is reduced to 10 one-to-one lessons a week in the afternoon (40 lessons total). 1 lesson = 45 minutes.

2. Private TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS Preparation Courses with Flexible ScheduleClasses are offered in the afternoons, evenings and on Saturdays. Schedule of classes is flexible, subject to teacher’s availability.
20 one-to-one lessons$750.00
Additional one-to-one classes (more than 20 one-to-one lessons)$35.00 per lesson
Level Required: High-Intermediate and AdvancedStudents enrolled in the TOEFL Preparation classes, must take the placement test on their first day. The placement tests determine what level of English the student has achieved. If you are interested in the TOEFL Preparation course, you will need to have a very high score on the placement test. With high level scores, you can be placed in the TOEFL class. If you do not get a high score, you will have to take the Intensive General English Course with 20 lessons a week.

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