arabic courses
You will have lively and interactive Arabic language classes. Arabic classes are communicative based with an emphasis on developing speaking and listening skills. Students also learn grammar and structure and develop their reading and writing skills. The goal of our Arabic classes is to make you comfortable using the language in any situation you may encounter in everyday life.
Our teachers will provide you with the ability and confidence you need to face the world in Arabic. All our teachers are highly qualified native Arabic speakers with university degrees and experience in teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language.
Our customized private Arabic tutoring programs with one-to-one classes are tailor made for each student. We will analyze your individual language learning goals and create a personalized program adapted to you with regard to the course content and a timetable of your course.
The tuition fee for the private course with 12 one-to-one classes is $432.00. Each additional lessons is $36.00 per lesson. 1 study session = 3 lessons, 1 lesson = 45 minutes.
Foreign Languages : Arabic
Starting dates: any time
12 one-to-one lessons
24 one-to-one lessons
Additional one-to-one lessons
(more than 24)
$32.00 per lesson

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