Malaysian Language :  Bahasa

The Malaysian language or Standard Malay is the name regularly applied to the Malay language used in Malaysia. Constitutionally however, the official language of Malaysia is Malay but the government from time to time refers it as Malaysian. Malaysian is a standardized register of the Johore-Riau dialect of Malay. It is over 95% cognate with Indonesian. It has few native speakers, but is spoken by most of the Malaysian population as a second language. (Cf. Malay language.) It is a compulsory subject in primary and secondary school.

The Malaysian name for the language is Bahasa Malaysia (literally “the language of Malaysia”). This term is occasionally found in English.

Malaysian Levels In A.L.I 

Stage 1: Elementary

Number of levels    :   Level 1 – Level 2

Duration:  15 Lectures in a private course

Stage 2: Intermediate 

Number of levels    :   Level 3 – Level 4  

Duration: 15 Lectures in a private course

Stage 3 : Advanced 

Number of levels    :   Level 5 – Level 6  

Duration: 15 Lectures in a private course

Advanced Stages :

Conversation  : 

Number of levels : level 1 –level 2 

Duration :  15 Lectures in a private course 

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