German Language : Deutsch 

German Language is the official Main Language spoken in Germany and Austria and one of the official languages in the Switzerland union .

German Language is considered one of the most popular languages in the European Union .

German Language is one of the official languages in SwitzerlandLuxembourgSouth TyrolBelgium, and Liechtenstein

German is a pluricentric language, with slightly different standardized variants (GermanAustrian, and Swiss Standard German). German is also notable for its broad spectrum of dialects, with many unique varieties existing in Europe and also other parts of the world.

One of the major languages of the world, German is the first language of about 95 million people worldwide and the most widely natively spoken language in the European Union. German also is the third most taught foreign language in both the US and the EU, the second most commonly used scientific language, the third largest contributor to research and developmentas well as the third most used language on websites.

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